Comprehensive guide for writing a coursework

A coursework is a piece of writing that showcase the academic abilities of a student. It provides an environment away from the highly pressured exam room environment, making it appropriate for the students who might not perform to the best of their capabilities in an exam. Writing a coursework is as challenging as exams. Different from an exam, the time allocated for a coursework is more than that for an exam. The high provision of time is one reason that makes this piece of writing to call for high standards and professionalism. A successful coursework requires careful planning, research, data gathering, and essay writing skills. We provide a guide towards coursework writing by guiding you how to plan, proofread and produce excellent coursework.

Structure of the coursework

Some coursework could assume the form of an extended project or essay. The objective of one coursework varies from one subject to another. You need to put more emphasis on conducting an independent research into your topic. In this case, the coursework should take the form of an investigation. You need to have a detective hat on when you explore, analyze, and investigate your topic.

Establish a deductive hat when exploring your topic


English coursework assume the form of an extended essay having your choice of topic. You are normally provided a number of themes to explore, and allowed to select a format like comparing the set text with another text.


Coursework in Geography focus on gathering data, reporting, and analysis of data set to answer some specific geographical phenomena. For example, you can be asked to observe erosion on a specific beach.


In science subjects, coursework are scientific projects or experiments that are conducted and are reported by a student.

Rules in writing coursework

It is important for you to have a thorough knowledge of the rule of coursework earlier on. If you do not conform to these rules, your coursework could be disqualified. These rules include:

No plagiarism

Plagiarism is dangerous due to the availability of ready relevant information in the internet. You should ensure that everything you include in your course is written in your own words. In most cases, you will be expected to sign some declaration showing that your work is original.

Your teacher can offer you much help.

A teacher can offer you guidance in whatever you are required to include in your coursework. They can show you whatever the examiners would be looking for. It is prudent to ask your teacher questions regarding your coursework. A teacher will be able to look through your first draft and provide wide views on how to update your writing.

Checking the word count

You are expected to check the required word count for your coursework and ensure that you stick to it. Check to confirm whether footnotes, bibliographies and appendices are part of the word count.

Checking your topic

You should check what topics you will be allowed to do coursework on. In a case where there is an exam in the chosen topic, you will be expected to choose a different topic for your coursework.

Selecting the coursework topic.

You should choose a topic that concedes with your interest. Such a topic will increase your enthusiasm and make your writing enjoyable. For example, you could focus on an activity that you have enjoyed doing in your course. In science subjects, you will be expected to choose something that can be measured, changed or controlled. In this case the topic needs to be a fair test implying that you will be accepted to acknowledge the controls that are used in the given experiment and reasons underneath.

Tak your time in selecting your topic

You should not select a topic with a wide scope. A topic with a wide scope will make you to struggle with research, and exceed the required word limit. We have qualified mentors who can guide you through this process. You can seek advice from our mentors on selecting your topic.

Planning the duration of your coursework

You should never start working on your coursework in the last minute. You need to understand your deadlines for the coursework. Deadline includes the time provision for submitting your initial draft for the tutor’s comments. The scheduled time for a coursework will provide time to work on the coursework and allow plenty of time before the real deadline to take care of unexpected delays. You also need to provide an ample time to make corrections based on the feedback from your teacher, and still remain with some time before the deadline. This time can be used for proofreading and final editing.

In a case where the actual deadline is far, you will be expected to assume the responsibility of setting your deadlines for the writing process. Setting your own deadline ensures that the coursework is completed in time. Note down the deadlines in your calendar. The process can be broken down in stages and the completion date assigned on each stage. Your stages can be centered on aspects like data gathering and research, plan for the coursework, and writing up the essay.

Conducting the research and data collection

You should never start your coursework before doing enough research. A number of sources should be used in gathering data. Examples of sources include journals, books, television, newspaper, radio, and the internet. In Geography and science subjects, your coursework should be based on some formed up hypothesis. A hypothesis offers a coursework direction. If it is a scientific experiment, you should be attentive to the experimental plan using different scientific methods, read the background of your research, and explore the theory of the coursework. You also need to come up with expectations so as to compare them with your findings.

Structure planning

After research, the next stage is writing up your coursework. Begin with a plan of how you will structure your coursework. Basically a coursework plan for English subject will be slightly different from the coursework in a science subject. The principles in writing these coursework are, however, similar. Plan the order of what you intent to present in your essay. This is vital for bigger projects since there would be a risk of waffling and disorganization especially when the project has a lot of information.

Writing up your project

A coursework demands perfect skills of writing. You need to perfect your essay writing skills to be able write a perfect coursework. A science coursework, for example, involves data analysis, interpretation of your results and working your notes to form a formal scientific language. Our team is made up of well trained professionals who would be willing to help you in your writing. Our writers have expertise in essay writing. They will lead you through your coursework writing successfully.

The approach of your coursework could be influenced by the specific type of coursework that you are expected to produce. Basically, there is no single writing format for a coursework. The writing format is dependent on the type of course, university, and degree requirements. The following are some few examples of coursework writing that you may be needed to write.

Business plan

Writing a business plan demands some extensive practical business information. Different from the coursework approach of writing that would be adopted for purely academic assignments; the business plan involves a coursework that provides you with the chance to establish professional and practical understanding on the business case.

The skills used in writing coursework writing can be used in a student’s future career development. The coursework can also act as an example to future employers. The employers would be able to know the type of business writing that you did in the university.

In any business plan, a mentor is experienced personnel in writing business plan. Our mentors have high caliber academic qualifications. They are business practitioners in different fields. Mentors are helpful in the progressive development of your business plan. Our mentors provide mentoring and model writing support on how to develop. In all cases, the basic goal is to enable you to improve and learn your skills of coursework writing.

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan is another piece of coursework writing in the university. This is a type of coursework related to the business plan, and focuses on the aspects of marketing for the company management. For this reason, the approach of coursework writing is expected to emphasize on areas like areas like marketing approaches, marketing strategies, and marketing mix.

In some cases, a marketing plan is viewed as a section of the business plan done separately because of the importance to the organizational operation. This means that your coursework writing requires a certain depth level of the marketing plan. It is a complex piece of writing which must outline the professional implications of marketing, and maintain the academic focus. Developing a balanced marketing plan is something our mentors can help you with.

Case study

A case study is a piece of academic writing, in which a researcher is expected to make a writing and analysis on different business themes. In writing a case study, your responsibility involves working with limited information thus creating a coursework focus. The writing style of your coursework should show wide reading on the subject. You will require some background information on academic themes and the understanding of the business professional implications and concepts.

If you have any challenge in writing your coursework, our mentors would be glad to offer you help. We have solid experience in helping students with writing and research due to our understanding of complexities in developing perfect coursework writing.