Turabian/Chicago referencing Styles

Academic-Paper.co.uk introduces youa general guide with the main points that a student should remember while writing a paper. Our experts described main bullet points about turabian, Chicago refererncing style. We focused on the main problematic points that you should know.

General notes concerning this Referencing Guide

It should be noted that instructors have individual instructions that may vary from the recommendations of this guide. As such it is wise to also consider your instructor’s view before formatting your work for submission. The following guidelines are indented for formatting of course papers. For dissertations or theses, it is important for you to consider the formatting guidelines provided by your respective University or department. In the following examples, we consider the notes-bibliography citation style used widely in the social sciences and humanities. It is important to consult your instructor if you are sure of the citation style to use.

Before you begin to write an admission Essay

  • Typeface:

    Use font such as Palatino and Times New Romans. Font meet with can be either 10 or 12. Ensure the font is readable and consistent across the entire document.

  • Spacing:

    All text should be double-spaced except in the five highlighted areas, which needs to be single-spacing:

    • Title page
    • Endnotes or Footnotes
    • Reference lists or bibliography
    • Figures captions and Table titles
    • Block quotations
  • Margins:

    • Use at least one inch on each page.
    • For each terminal punctuation mark, only one space should be used.
  • Page Numbers:

    The locations for placing page numbers include: centered in the header, flushed right in the document header, or centered in the footer. Any of these places are appropriate but ensure you are consistent.

  • Title page

    In the Turabian/Chicago style, the title of the paper features the title page. The title is capitalized, centered and typed about a third of the page. The subtitle should be double-spaced and typed on the second line after a colon. Your tutor should determine the amount of information to be included on a title page. Some would want the title page to contain the title, the number of the class, the instructor’s name, date, and the name. The formatting of a Chicago/Turabian title page has some flexibility and the final appearance of a page mostly depends on the instructor’s preferences. There is need to make a page balanced and double space between characters. According to the requirements, it should be at least one inch from the paper edge margins. Title page should have a page number. The following example shows how Title Page for the Turabian/Chicago style and the subsequent pages appear.

  • Health Care Delivery Systems in United States Country Vs. French Country


    Unit Name:


  • 1

    The American healthcare industry has largely been criticized for its complexity and inefficiency. The system is laced with competing and fragmented interests. Increasing costs are also of critical concern. There are four major underlying reasons for poor quality of care in the healthcare system of the United States today. These are increasing chronic conditions, the growing complexity of technology, a poorly organized healthcare delivery system, and constraints on exploiting the transformations in information technology1.

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