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What is an annotated bibliography

Organized bulk, reference list of sources, which include internet articles, magazines, CDs, books, scientific publications, conferences, newspapers etc altogether with abstracts about 150 words explaining, evaluating every entry in terms of relevance, quality, authority is an annotated bibliography.

Why there is a need to develop bibliographies

Overall, a bibliography can be either selective or comprehensive on how it is covering the subject. For selective type, students are recommend relevant subject literature. A comprehensive style, from the other hand, takes everything what is available on chosen specialization area.

An annotated bibliography can serve several purposes

Developing, organizing an Annotated bibliography

Most experts define organization process as one of few methods including:

  • By subtopic
  • By language
  • By format (government documents, articles, books, web pages, media, etc)
  • Alphabetical
  • Chronological either by period of the subject matter (event, year, decade, era, century) or by publication date

Most universities recommend such bibliography structure:

  • Person: Apply third person though there are some types of annotated bibliographies that may require first person.
  • Length: Annotations usually include a paragraph with about 100-500 words maximum. Goal is to create it explicative and concise.
  • Vocabulary & Language: try as much as possible to use author’s key words conveying his/her idea & conclusion. For quotation except, ensure you set it inside quotation marks. Vary sentences structure. Also, avoid repetitive phrases in annotations accordingly.
  • Format: whole sentences, but simple phrases, single descriptive words or lists. In addition, secure your annotations are one paragraph long. Keep that paragraphs have a statement of major thesis of work from which sentences develops.

The Process of Creating An annotated Bibliography

  • Performing an annotated bibliography requires to apply a combination of intellectual skills: succinct analysis, deeply studied library research, & tense exposition
  • At beginning, locate & record periodicals, documents, books that can have useful ideas & information on preferred topic
  • Briefly review and analyse actual components. Go ahead pointing out works, which offer various perspectives on researched subject.
  • Cite article, documents, or books using as per required writing style.
  • Write annotation concisely summarizing scope, central theme of article or book. Ensure including sentence-describing comments on targeted audience, evaluates the background or authority of columnist, compares, contrasts written piece with other cited products and explains how created research paper illuminates bibliography topic.