Modern writing of an economic paper. What to take into consideration while selecting a writing service

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Popular Mistakes

Most students while writing their economics paper usually do the same mistakes. Let's describe what you should avoid in your economics paper.

  • 1. The word "will."

It can show the lack of understanding of the economy - not everything is certain.

  • 2. Diagrams

Always refer to the diagram. Diagrams with no explanation gain little credit. Don't always assume that something is demanded / supplied "normally"- consider elasticities.

  • 3. Rambling

Try to avoid long blocks of text that are irrelevant to the question, try to use the question's words in your paper.

  • 4. Try to avoid being too controversial and biased

Avoid presenting radical, socially transforming ideologies in your economics paper. You should lead the risk of the examiner disagreeing with you and marking harshly.


First of all it is necessary to mention that there are two kinds of economics papers. They are empirical and theoretical papers. As a rule, both kinds have abstract and are written with subheadings. Empirical papers have the following structure:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Data
  • Methodology/Model
  • Results
  • Conclusions

StruUseful Tipscture

  1. Do not use quotations in your economics paper.
  2. You should write your paper in the first person singular ("I") or the third or the first person plural.
  3. Use "this' or "those" instead of "that" and "those".
  4. If you need synonyms for "model" it may be “framework” and “approach.”
  5. Economists in most cases use “in particular”.
  6. You should remember that there are three important terms in economics. They are: “equilibrium,” “utility,” and “marginal.” Term "equilibrium" indicates a state in which supply equals

demand; it is the desired state of things to be in. "Utility" term stays for pleasure or satisfaction, which may come from reading a book, eating favorite food, earning money. According to economic theory people always try to maximize their utility. "Marginal" points to a small modification in an existing state of affairs.

General Rules

  1. You should use a publishable format for writing an economics paper.
  2. Each paper should consist of title page, introduction, methodology, conclusions and bibliography.
  3. A table of content is not required.
  4. Complete your paper on time. Each professor may have his/her own rules for penalizing late papers. And you will be responsible for it.

You should understand that economics papers are complicated. They require lots of skills. You need to be ready to use statistical analysis, micro- macroeconomic theory, market research, game theory, etc.

You should focus on a special field within your discipline and investigate as much information as you can about it. Your central arguments should be strong and supported by evidence. The number of pages could be different. If you need to do the analysis of a specific company, it usually includes three-five pages. And it can be upwards of thirty pages if you need a longer market analysis paper.