APA referencing style guide

Based on many requests from our clients our company provided more information on how we reference works using the most common referencing styles. We decided to present this article to our readers and show our professional approach to helping students improving their writing skills. Academic-Paper.co.uk is an essay writing service that intends to follow client’s requirements, completing it on time and make sure that the work remains original, 100% authentic. APA (American Psychological Association) Referencing and citing source materials is an important aspect of writing academic papers.

Almost all types of work need to be cited and referenced professionally. Considering this, we hired qualified experts with UK Degrees, who have deep understanding of different academic discourses. All our writers proceed through a number of tests before they start taking up orders. Bearing in consideration that there are sixteen editions of APA referencing we have provided general information explaining how to cite properly in APA referencing style. All referencing sources include such referencing styles: APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian/Chicago, and Oscola. Since these referencing styles are most popular, we decided to talk about them. In order to assist you more accurately, please find more explanations on how to proper cite your works:

APA Referencing Style

American Psychological Association (APA) style. A referencing style widely used in social sciences to cite sources.

  • General Guidelines for APA Style of Referencing

    The essay referenced in APA style should be on standard-sized paper 1” margins and 8.5” x 11). It should be typed and double-spaced. A clear and highly readable font (Font 12 Times New Roman) should be used.
    The “running head” of the page header should be included on each page at the top. The running head cannot be more than 50 characters including punctuation and spacing. The running must be a smaller version of the title of the paper.
  • Key Section of the Paper

    The essay should consist of four major sections: Title Page, paper Abstract, Main Body and Bibliography/References.
  • The Title Page

    The three elements contained in the title page consists of the essay title, name of the author, and the institutional affiliation. The page header (running head) should be included. The page number should be flushed right, and page header flushed left at the top part of the page. The author’s name consisting of the author’s first name, the initial name and last name should be beneath the title of the page. The institutional affiliations are beneath the name of the author. This is how the page header should look like:
  • Running head: Title of the Essay

    Running head: CAUSES OF EDEMA

    Causes of Edema That Result From an Increased Capillary Pressure



  • Introduction

    Introduction should be on the second page of the paper. The page header already described above should be included. In the introduction, a route map should be provided for the reader. An argument of how the paper will be developed should be made clear. All the core issues, to be addressed in the essay, should be outlined. This section should be not more than 10 percent of the composition.

    The example below shows the page header for the pages that come after the title page



    Edema is a medical condition that occurs as a result of the excessive accumulation of body fluid in the body tissues (Wassermann, 2008). It can occur in any part of the body including the limb, skin, or lungs (Wassermann, 2008). There are four factors that precipitate Edema: increased capillary permeability, decreased plasma oncotic pressure, lymphatic obstruction, and increased capillary permeability (Wassermann, 2008). Increased capillary hydrostatic pressure may caused by an increase in venous pressure (Wassermann, 2008). Proinflammatory mediators such as bradykinin, and histamine can also cause capillary permeability and lead to edema (Wassermann, 2008). This paper differentiates between three causes of edema that result from an increased capillary pressure. It discusses the pathophysiologic changes that occur that results in edema.

Citing a Source in APA

The following examples show how the notes-bibliography style citation should be done.

Book Citation

Author’s First name & Last name (Initial) Title of the book. Place of publication: the Publisher, Year of publication.

The provided information aims to give basic understanding of APA referencing. In case you need more information you need to learn more about APA referencing. In addition, academic-paper.co.uk is providing assistance with the research, essay writing process and referencing of the essay. Our Live Support Center is available to you if any assistance is required; we are looking forward to hearing from you. Chat with us

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