Dissertation abstract pain points to focus on. Benefits of writing service.

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Size and structure

The length of this monograph is depended on the education level. For example, a master’s thesis could have 150 words, whereas a doctoral thesis could have 350 words. For visual coherence to be preserved, you should limit your thesis chapter. For example, the doctoral thesis can only have one double spaced page approximately 280 words. In an undergraduate discourse, for instance, about 200 words will suffice as long it is a concise summary of the whole research study. You should avoid the temptation of rewriting some contents of the research study. In electronic databases, abstracts beyond a certain length are automatically truncated. The whole structure of current section is expected to mirror the whole thesis, and offer the major elements. For instance, if the thesis has five chapters like the introduction, literature review, method, results, and conclusion, one or more sentences should be assigned into summarizing each chapter.

Including Results 

One of the most discussed dissertation writing abstract forms is presentation of results. One of the goals of your presentation involves informing your readers about results you found during your studies. Remember including the summary of your study findings in your abstract. Current chapter includes significance, background of thesis, researched parts-components. Other sections as an example research methods would be needed so as to support claims that you would make regarding your results. The last section of the abstract should be the summary of interpreted results. This part involves substantial demonstration of key-research methods leading readers further through work. Keeping supervisor's attention here will definitely bring extra points.

Purpose of dissertation abstract

An abstract should form a good impression of your dissertation. We highly recommend allocating more efforts here declaring interesting, straight thesis outlook. Sharing such components enables, recommends our experts team :

Dissertation abstracts steps to follow:

  • Step 1

Without looking at your study, write every of bullet points in a concise & information-rich sentence showing:

The themes identified in literature
The conclusions of the study
The manner in which the themes are integrated to realize your conclusions
What the study is set out to do
  • Step 2

We recommend to add sentences that are needed for results, conclusion parts and finally methodology

  • Step 3

Amend further comments, content raising it to max 200 words.

  • Step 4

Read through your abstract & mull over it thoroughly. Interpret abstract attentively twice and correct all typos. Whenever possible repeat it a few times. If stuck, get a fresh drink for better reviewing afterwards.


We recommend starting dissertation using active voice. Use passive voice whenever it enhances clarity or brevity. Avoid using personal pronouns “we” and “I”. Carefully check dissertation writing guidelines corresponding your academic institution. Also, you can order dissertation abstract assistance at us.