Writing a dissertation, main aspects to remember. Core rules & points

Writing a dissertation requires great dedication and hard work. Smart work or short cuts won’t work. Even after making all the necessary preparations, writing a dissertation is still not easy. There are many schools that offer dissertation writing courses but only that student can succeed who can work hard and understand the course deeply.

Before starting to write a dissertation, there are few guidelines that will help the undergraduates to prepare a successful dissertation at the end.

Topic selection

It is quite important to carefully select your topic for dissertation. You can delay your writing part or research part. First you need to find out a suitable topic on which your research will be based upon, or let’s say your dissertation.

Choosing a theme is not the only criterion. Choosing what suits you and your taste is a very significant step because if you are not happy with the topic, you might not be able to write a good dissertation. This is not just an assignment; it is your hard work that will decide upon the grades or scoring in your graduation.

A good idea will be select the topic that very much resembles important issues in your life. You can produce quality dissertation. Moreover, it is highly recommended to choose a topic that is quite recent. Some suggestions can be Digital Marketing, Google Panda Update, or something on politics, etc. Make sure whatever it is, should be of your interest.

Since you are just a student, even simple topics can be challenging for you. So, avoid going for complex or highly sophisticated topics. Don’t be too much excited. Relax before you plan your next move.

One should always keep in mind that a successful dissertation can be a successful tool in his academic career. There are usually some basic requirements set by the authorities and you will have to comply with them.

Now that you have chosen your topic, next step under this will be to plan your next course of action. Set your time-table. How much time you will give to your academic studies, how much time can you devote to preparing a thesis. Keep in mind that you need good time to research on the topic, else you, as a student, won’t be able to prepare a good dissertation.

Realize your source of information. Will internet solve the purpose completely? Often the information, that you come online, may be plagiarized, so you need to verify that information as well. You will have to search libraries, texts, journals, magazines, speak to experienced people or maybe your seniors about it and read newspapers. You may even seek the assistance of a professional writer.

Structure of your Dissertation

Here comes the next part after topic selection.


You need to provide an overview of your dissertation. It should be in brief around 100 words.


Here you will be arranging your main sections followed by page numbers to help the readers understand your chapters/topics sequentially.

Part 1: Introduction

With introduction being just 5-10% of the entire dissertation, it is important to keep this to the point. This part or chapter will be a kind of conclusion or a brief summary of what your topic is and what is your area of study, what all have you covered, etc.

Part 2: People’s Opinions

Here you will cover opinions given by other people, some excerpts, or inputs given by other people with whom you have discussed your topic. Your research should be based on not just 2 or 3 sources, rather around 8 or 10 sources to confirm the genuineness of the information and how far is it true and legible. It should cover around 20% of your thesis.

Part 3: Methodology

This part will be based on your justifications and explanations telling people about your hard work and labor involved. This will cover things like, how you gathered data and information, and whether your facts were based on some kind of questionnaires and excerpts from the interviews, what all challenges did you come across. So, basically you would be defending yourself here.

Part 4: Research

Here you cannot come to any conclusions, but can only draw inferences from your in-depth study and analysis. This will form around 30% of your dissertation.

Part 5: Talks, talks and talks

This is the chapter where you will communicate and discuss your research and your inferences. So, be clear and precise.

Part 6: The Finale

You have to be open at this stage and draw your own conclusions from your entire research in the field or on the topic. You will have to make sure that whatever doubts were raised in previous parts of your dissertation, should not go unanswered. If not answered, your dissertation will prove to be very weak and far away from facts even after putting a lot of efforts.

You will have to clearly specify or mention what further explorations can be done into this topic, what more can be covered, what more challenges could there be and what could be the possible solutions and how can you bring this dissertation more effectively in the next versions. What would you recommend to the readers and what more can you do to strengthen your design or your research process?


This section will have a list of various references used during the researching and writing the dissertation. This may include articles, books and e-books, and online sources. Everything is listed here in alphabetical order and no sources should be left uncovered.


This will include additional sources of your research and design process while creating the dissertation. It covers live interviews, studying graphs and tables, questionnaires, and online videos or discussions through teleconferences.

Not to mention, whether you are a student, who is planning to write a dissertation for the first time or a seasoned dissertation writer, you will realize that writing a good quality dissertation is not everybody’s cup of tea. Research is the key to creating a good dissertation.

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