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Structure of a nursing assignment

  • The title page

The content of the first page of your paper will depend on the style of writing. For an APA style paper, the first page of your nursing essay should have the title of your paper, your name, and your institution. You can also provide your contact details including fax, and email information.

  • The Abstract

Use the abstract section to summarize what you discussed in your essay. You should briefly and concisely state the purpose/aim of your paper, the study findings/results, and the conclusion. Write this part only after having completed writing your paper. Your abstract needs not exceed 200 words.

  • The Introduction

Use the introduction to introduce your paper to the reader. Provide background information into your paper topic. Show the relevance of your research question/topic and relate it to other studies. Also, detail previous studies on the subject under investigation. Use this part to make the reader find sense in what you did in your paper.

  • The Literature review

Your literature review should critically analyse past literature, and detail the most current literature on the issue you are investigating. You should use sources including peer review journal articles, books and other academically acceptable materials to demonstrate to the reader what has been conducted and revealed about the subject you are investigating. You can use search terms, general search engines, nursing and medical journals to find relevant sources. It is important to note that your literature review should not merely summarise other people’s research findings rather it should critically analyze the ideas and their findings. It is this part that will inform the reader whether you understand other people’s work on a given topic. It is the basis for establishing new ideas presented in your paper.

  • Searching the internet

The internet is the best source of data and information. Explore it when you want to develop a good paper. However, it is worth noting that when searching the internet for a specific topic in nursing, you should limit your search to nursing or medical journals or books. There are refereed publications that are preserved for peer-reviewed process. You can use information from such publications in your clinical practice. Ensure all you critically evaluate all the information found online before using it in your literature review or any other part of your paper. Sources must meet the scientific qualification and should not be merely people’s opinions.

  • Paper types

The sections following the literature review will largely depend on the type of your paper. For a research paper, the next sections include the research method used, results, discussion and conclusion. For a case study, the next section after the literature review will be the critical analysis.

  • Stylistic considerations

Ensure you provide the heading and page number of your paper. Writing pages and headings will help you organize your paper into various sections. Indicate what are the main headings and subheadings of your paper and ensure there is a logical flow of ideas.

  • Citing the woks of others

Ensue you give credit to other people’s works by citing the sources and listing them alphabetically under bibliography section. Use the author’s last name when citing the source. For nursing paper and other medical field papers, sources should be within the five years range. This means they must contain current and up to date information.

  • Table and figures

You should write under the appendix part, the tables and figures used in the paper and indicate them in the paper accordingly. Ensure the tables and figures are numbered in certain sequence. Tables should also have headers and page numbers while figures should not have page numbers or headers.

  • Conclusion and recommendations

Ensure your nursing paper has a conclusion to summarize your paper. Make it concise and do not add any other information not included in the paper.