Best practices and writing services for implementing Harvard referencing

Main Sections in Harvard StyleWriting a quality work demands much time and efforts, especially when we walk about correct referencing. pays particular attention to citations, referencing of the work. The essay is organized into four parts: the Cover page, Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion, and References. Standard font like Arial, and Times New Roman at size 12 should be used in Harvard formatting style.

  • Cover page
  • Harvard formatting demands a particular title page.
  • The title of the paper is positioned halfway down the page.
  • The title is written in capital letters.
  • The name of the author is written approximately three lines down.
  • The name of the author is not in capital letter.
  • The subject of the class is put about four lines down followed by the name of the professor.
  • It is recommended to set the school name in the next line.
  • The city, state, and date would then follow.
  • The contents of the header include a short description of the title together with a page number given in a sequence. The title must be right justified. There are about five spaces between the number and the partial title.

The following is an example of a first page of a paper in Harvard style.

  • Introduction
  • The title of the essay is Capitalized and Centered
  • The first paragraph provides the reader with a hook to the topic.
  • The introduction needs to end with the thesis statement.
  • Main Body
  • The body of the essay provides the evidence, facts, and reasoning that support the thesis.
  • If the essay is long, Centered headings should be used in breaking up the essay body.
  • Subsections headings should be Italicized
  • In each paragraph, the first sentence must be the topic sentence. Supporting information that backs up the topic sentence should be given after the subject sentence. The last sentence of a paragraph should be a summary of the whole section, which connects to the next body paragraph.
  • New subtopics can be introduced using subheadings
  • Use new headings in changing the major topics
  • Harvard Style In Text Citation
  • Harvard style of formatting uses the author’s name, first initial, the publication year, and page number for which the information was obtained.
  • All facts, paraphrase, summary, and quotations from an outside source should be cited.
  • For example, an in-text citation of information from page 15 of a book written by James Smith would appear like this (Smith, J. 2006, 12). The source must be listed at the end of the paper in the list of references. In text citation makes enables the readers to find out where you obtained the information.
  • Conclusion
  • The conclusion completes the essay.
  • Remember to place the statement in the first sentence.
  • A brief discussion of the topic should follow reminding the reader of the relevant sections of the essay.
  • The essay should be completed with a “take home” message.

References (The actual list of reference is arranged in an alphabetical order by the last name of the author, with the hanging indent. This implies that the first line of each reference is flushed against the left margin. All the other lines are one-half inch indented.)