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Privacy can be considered as one of the most priceless values not only in web-world. Nevertheless, many online services providers including some academic writing services pay insufficient attention to security which leads to violation of their customers' private data. To know more about privacy as well as get additional info concerning services we provide you can contact our Customer Support operators – those guys have answers to all questions about custom academic writing services you may ask!

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Sure thing, there's no need to explain what is so called “human factor” - there's enough information about it in the Internet. To avoid hypothetical nuisance caused by this factor (after all, our writers are real people not insured from making mistakes) our specialists from QA (Quality Assurance) team perform preliminary proofreading in order to make sure that paper meets all customer's requirements as well as it's (paper's) content doesn't contradict essay writing standards. Such a “multilevel filtering” is a big help for achieving of a truly brilliant result.

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Actually, this or similar “price question” is quite legitimate for those web-residents who seriously think about placing an order at We assure our potential customers that our sensible pricing based on our rich experience makes all our services affordable to wide range of consumers. Moreover, you can easily check the total cost of your order using our price tables specially designed for our customers. Anyway, no extra charge can justify the loss of customer's trust. As for A-P, we care about our customers!

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In addition to high-quality services, professional staff, and moderate pricing Academic-paper can boast a “transparent” customer-writer interactions system. What does it mean for you, dear fine writing admirers? To put it short, when you you need help with “the best essay in your life” and decide to order it at, you get an opportunity to track your order. In other words, every time you want to know the current status of your order, all you need to do is log in using your unique username and password, and contact your writer via online chat or email. This system allows you to get the latest news about your essay progress in no time!

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