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Our products: dissertations, essays, research papers, lab reports, book reviews and other types of products aim to increase the skills of our buyers and are recommended for research/reference purposes and might be not used in contravention of copyrights limits. Academic-paper.co.uk is not taking any responsibilities for failure or proper researching of the product. The research material should be used in a proper way by the customer. Due to the fact that we provide academic services for research purposes we are not responsible for the outcome of the review since human factor we are unable to influence therefore we guarantee that the writing and research standards of our essays corresponds to the chosen level of requirements.

Source Materials

Academic-paper.co.uk leaves a right to use any updated, relevant sources for completion of the document – newspapers, books, interviews, journals, research articles and online-publications – unless you note that in your order instructions the sources which you would like to be used in your file. In case you would like to offer more information that can help the research process you can inform our support about that after you placed the order so that we could include your source requirements before the research process. In case you admit that a specific source or book required for your assignment, you are welcome to provide it within the shortest time-frames in case we are unable to find that source for you online. Academic-paper.co.uk is not taking responsibility over client’s irresponsiveness or unwillingness to provide specific materials for your assignment. Due to the fact that we operate online we believe that the customer is in charge to provide all the research material that is meant to meet his/her requirements.


Our service aims to provide the product that meets the requirements which you’ve chosen during communication with our support / administration and during the order processing. We would like to point out that it is your responsibility to provide clear instructions with all the details given so that our expert could start his work as soon as we receive the payment. We do guarantee that the product will meet the provided requirements. However, to change the order instructions during the middle or end process is unacceptable since it distracts the researcher from your requirements and you risk not receiving your assignment on time. Such kinds of changes are considered to be new instructions/parts and are tend to be discussed with our Support representatives.


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After receiving your completed paper you might request for revisions until the paper meets your requirements. Of course you can request for as many revisions as that is possible but please make sure that in case of a usual paper the time extends over 14 days from the 1-st time when a customer downloads his product and 1 month for a dissertation product. In case a customer is not requesting for revision within the estimated time-frames that indicates that the customer is satisfied with his product and no further changes or improvements are required. If the free revision period ends and changes are requested, such revision should be discussed with Academic-paper.co.uk as the writer will require compensation for adding extra work or a new order should be placed.

Academic-paper.co.uk recognizes that orders will vary in size and complexity, as a result, dissertation, thesis and other sufficiently large assignments will be granted a free revision entitlement period of 30 days from delivery of the first copy of the paper. Sufficiency in the size of the paper will be determined by designated academic-paper.co.uk administrative personnel.

Be informed that all revisions requests are based on the instruction that the customer provided initially. Instructions might be updated before the researcher started his work. In case the writer started his work and instructions are being changed by the customer, compensation will be requested to cover the time loses. Also, please remember to fit in the timeframes that are provided for the revision period.


Academic-paper.co.uk provides a possibility to receive a refund at any time under the condition that the paper has never been downloaded or delivered. Under such conditions full refund is. During the refund procedure, refund will be debited back only to the credit card that has been initially used for payment and should be retrieved within the next 5-7 business days from the moment of order cancellation. Academic-paper.co.uk reviews refund requests at the earliest possible timeframes. In case a refund request is processed, the order will be forwarded to the quality assurance department. . The complaint will be compared with the product that has been received the outcome of the research will be informed. Any request for a refund must be submitted within 90 hours of download or electronic delivery of the copy of the document that caused issues. If insufficient mistakes were made, the company provides a quality review upon which a partial refund is made depending on the percentage that has been done incorrect. In order to extend the guarantee period, a customer is supposed to notify the expert when exactly he/she will receive the feedback. In case a refund request is sent over one month period for orders over five thousand words, after 14 days on orders below five thousand words a refund request will not be possible to be executed due to guarantee policy.

Academic-paper.co.uk has several methods to be contacted: e-mail, phone, common message, and live support chat in order discuss all the details about the. Providing such types of communication you may contact our live support any time in case any questions or requests appear. You should know that you are supposed to inform the company about the changes that are required to be done within the next 14 days otherwise you’ll have to spent additional founds on fixing your product with the writer. For the reason the paper is being delivered late ( of course if that happens you’ll receive that information promptly) we will be happy to provide compensation for not meeting product delivery in the form of a credit or a discount that can be used on another order. You should understand that in most cases delivery is not considered to be a primary reason for a refund.


Academic-paper.co.uk always tries to defend the rights of our customers therefore we have a reliable verification procedure that helps to secure credit card information. It accents that the card holder should confirm his/her billing information and his/her awareness of the charges. Usually products are verified over the phone and in some cases identification documents might be requested by our Risk Department. Providing valid contact information is of high priority for us. Orders that are impossible to be verified will be refunded. In case you don’t wish to provide your identification documents you are welcome pay with PayPal that provides high verification standards and don’t need any extra verification procedures. All what is needed for the current payment method is to verify that the cardholder is aware of the purchase.

In case credit card fraud is detected that will be immediately reported to the government authorities. Academic-paper.co.uk fights against fraudulent activity. In case of an unauthorized dispute of the charge, the following measures will be taken. Doing a chargeback you agree and lose your rights on the product and automatically leave your right for the authorship of the product. By doing that you authorize the company to publish the product in order to verify that it hasn’t been used anywhere and copyright the product. This procedure includes steps of contacting your school officials and/or posting your details with the product online.

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